Why we love what we do



I have over 15 years of law enforcement experience and I have seen many people sell shirts on a micro scale.  I have overpaid for many shirts just for convenience.  I have also spent hundred of dollars on gifts for family and friends. People love wearing cool t-shirts especially police t-shirts.  


I want to provide a quality product at a great price.  I love my job, I enjoy what I do.

I have seen people pay $20 a t-shirt for a poor quality shirt.  


Since the Boston Bombing I have been asked by friends and family for t-shirts hats and other apparel.  I want to provide great quality t-shirts, ball caps, and other apparel at great prices.  There is no need to rob fellow co-workers.


With this site you will be able to purchase great shirts at affordable prices.  Depending on where you work we may be able to deliver your order to your station.